How to Clean Gutters

With winter fast approaching, there is one task you know needs to be done, yet is often put off until the last minute. Yes, the threat of leaf and grime build up will force you to clean your gutters in the coming weeks, or at least get them cleaned.

If you don’t you’re looking at potentially accumulating a large damage bill from the resulting issues to your property. Leaving leaves and other residue floating around in your gutters can not only damage the roofing and roof fascia, it can overflow and cause other issues in your garden and flooring, or the external aspect of your property.

In summer, all those dry leaves and branches can cause a considerable fire hazzard to your property, either sparking a flame or allowing a nearby fire easy access to your roof.

As you can see, it’s important to keep your gutters clean!

When to Clean Your Gutters

Ideally, you’ll want to be cleaning your gutters twice a year.

Once in autumn, before the first big, heavy winter rains cause havoc and again in spring, before the long dry summer takes hold. It’s more pleasant and easier to clean them when they’re dry, rather than full of muddy sludge, so dry and time it with a stretch of rain-free weather.

It will also depend on the surroundings of your house. If you’re surrounded by tall, leafy trees, you’ll definitely want to ensure you’re committing to twice a year. If you’re in a landscape without much foliage, you may be able to get away with once.


The Cleaning Process

First things first, make sure you’re using a stable ladder, rather than climbing onto the roof. Standing and leaning over the edge of your roof is a tremendous safety hazard and has resulted in a number of serious injuries over the years. Stabilise the ladder and then move it every metre or so as your work along the gutters.

Then, you’ll want to use a solid pair of gloves or a small trowel to scoop the leaves and gunk out. You can use a large garden trash bag or just throw them out onto the garden bed/lawn if it’s appropriate, to be cleaned up afterwards.

Start with a small patch on each side of the ladder, then move the ladder along a metre or so. Continue the process. Once all the leaves and gunk is out, hose down the gutters and wash the residue into the downpipes to get rid of it.


Sound like an ordeal? Why not use a professional gutter cleaning service instead!

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