gutter cleaning perth prices

Gutter Cleaning Perth Prices

When looking to get your gutters cleaned, you’ll want to have an idea as to the general cost. Without knowing the general industry rate, you’ll be unsure as to whether an operator offers good value or not. While the price should be only 1 of the factors you consider when choosing a service, it is definitely one of the most important.

Before diving into the actual costs, there are a few factors that will determine what kind of pricing you’ll be looking at for your premises.

Property Height

The height of your premises, be it single story, double story or multi story apartments will attract different rates. This is due to ease of access, risk associated with the job and the additional time it will generally take to complete the job. Setting up longer ladders and moving up and down will add time, as will setting up anchors and other safety equipment.


Length of Gutters

The more guttering you have, the longer the job will take and therefore, the higher the cost. Add-ons such as garages and patios will increase the length of guttering for your property and hence, increase the price. Larger properties will most likely have longer guttering, though a smaller house with an add-on garage may very well exceed it!


Ease of Access

Similar to the first point, the cost may increase if your gutters are difficult to access. Steep roofs mean we’ll most likely have to work from the ground and hence, need full ladder access to your gutters. If that access is difficult, the time of the job will increase, as well as the cost. Similarly, roofs that hang over fences and don’t enable ladder access will be far more time consuming.


Condition of the Gutters

If your gutters haven’t been cleaned for 3 years and are full of mud and debris, they’re naturally going to take longer to clean than gutters with a few leaves and dust. The price will likely vary as a result.

So what are gutter cleaning Perth prices?

For a single story you’ll be looking at anywhere from $120-$160, depending on the operator and the condition of your property. Any more than that and you are likely paying too much. We generally charge $130/$140 for general single story jobs.

For a double story house, you’d be looking at anywhere from $170-$300, depending on the operator, ease of access and condition of the property. Our standard 2 story rate starts at $170 and increases based on the factors described above.

Don’t forget to consider that a genuine operator will be including GST in their quote which naturally adds to the cost (without resulting in more money in their pocket).

If you’d like a quote on your property, no matter the size or scope, get in touch via our contact form.

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